Best companies in the category: Currency Exchange

1. Currency Solutions

1,248 reviews | Trustscore 9.7 | Website

Currency Solutions are specialists at helping individuals and companies exchange currency and transfer funds internationally.

2. Ace-Fx Limited

1,270 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

ACE-FX will guarantee to give you the best exchange rates, whether you are looking to buy currency or sell currency, we will provide the best currenc…

3. GlobalWebPay

1,219 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

This is a good alternative if PayPal is not available.The web pages are clear and concise and easy to navigate. Setting up an account is a breeze and…

4. Currency UK Limited

363 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

Currency UK foreign exchange: best rates guaranteed for international transfers. FCA Regulated.

5. FTT Global Ltd

176 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

We are a global payments company with a high level of expertise in money transfer and foreign exchange. We’re committed to using our knowledge and pr…

6. The FX Firm

123 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

We had to transfer money from Italy to the UK. The fx firm provided us with a friendly trouble free service with a great exchange rate and know hidde…

7. DogeHub

83 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

Cheap and fast DOGE straight to your wallet within 24 hours.

8. Global Reach Partners

290 reviews | Trustscore 9.5 | Website

Specialists in foreign exchange and international payments for private clients and businesses Highly competitive exchange rates – savin…


117 reviews | Trustscore 9.5 | Website

I was recommended to you for the first time by my friend. I have sent large sums of money twice with Chitoro. They were fast and efficientand alw…

10. TorFX

101 reviews | Trustscore 9.5 | Website

Get the best exchange rates for international money transfers from TorFX. As a leading foreign currency exchange broker our customers benefit from an…

11. 4X Currency

37 reviews | Trustscore 9.5 | Website

4X Currency offers fast, secure, bank-beating online foreign exchange rates at your fingertips

12. FC Exchange

85 reviews | Trustscore 9.4 | Website

FC Exchange is a leading UK currency broker specialising in international money transfers and foreign exchange for individuals and businesses with a …


48 reviews | Trustscore 9.4 | Website

The more money transferred throughout the day the cheaper the price of transfers will be for everyone that is sending money that day.

14. Currencies Direct

448 reviews | Trustscore 9.2 | Website

Currencies Direct is one of Europe’s leading non-bank providers of currency exchange and international payment services. Since its formation in 1996 …

15. Currency Change

33 reviews | Trustscore 9.1 | Website

CurrencyChange is a low cost alternative to High Street Banks for individuals and businesses to send or receive funds globally. We provide competitve…

16. Coin Hub

32 reviews | Trustscore 9.1

I bought 20 LTC and paid with PayPal. I received verification ID and I emailed by the scanned ID. Then I received 20 LTC into my wallet. This transac…

17. Smart Currency

10 reviews | Trustscore 8.8 | Website

Being whom I am, a very cautious individual and having understood with present internet swindles and wanting to purchase a property outside United Ki…

18. Concorde Currency

6 reviews | Trustscore 8.4 | Website

I was purchasing a property overseas and I needed a safe and secure method of transfer. Now having worked in this Industry for 5 years I know all abo…

19. Forex Signals

7 reviews | Trustscore 8.2

They have 24/7 customer support. they always reply back fast and seem to be helping me learn in the affiliate side of things too

20. Currency Exchange Corporation Limited

6 reviews | Trustscore 8.2

I prefer them because they offer better rate than other money exchange. They have all currencies available with them. I am sure i can buy any currency