Best companies in the category: Internet Provider

1. 5quidhost Ltd

147 reviews | Trustscore 9.5 | Website

Offering business-grade (Turbo+) hosting, free and cheap UK hosting and WordPress Hosting. Support-focused, we thrive on the feedback of our custome…

2. Cloud Next Ltd

52 reviews | Trustscore 9.5

We are a new customer to Cloud Next, and have just migrated a few large MYSQL databases, several websites, blogs and email accounts from our old serv…


24 reviews | Trustscore 8.7

The speed test is no different to any other but there's no way to know who's test is the most accurate. Every test I've tried gives me a different re…

4. Cloud Heroes

5 reviews | Trustscore 8.3 | Website

As businesses increasingly depend on the cloud for the delivery of business critical systems, so choosing the right service delivery partner becomes …

5. zFast Technologies

6 reviews | Trustscore 8.2

Well, zFast have been great for domains - never a hitch on that end, I've used their shoutcast services once or twice, and it's fairly decent for the…

6. Easyspace

46 reviews | Trustscore 7.9

The outlook 2010 setupguide i found in the control panel is fantastic

7. TalkTalk Business

188 reviews | Trustscore 7.5 | Website

At TalkTalk Business we’ve been serving the unique needs of businesses for almost 20 years. With future-proof, scalable technology, dedicated support…


1 reviews | Trustscore 7.4

I'm a long standing reseller client of ICUK, having now used them for 3 years. I originally started as a broadband reseller to help deliver a broadba…

9. HySpeed Broadband

1 reviews | Trustscore 7.4

Compared with my previous satellite broadband provider, HySpeed has been a breath of fresh air. They are approachable, responsive and efficient, and …

10. timetalk

11 reviews | Trustscore 7.2 | Website

About TimeTalk: Official Website: TimeTalk Company Description: TimeTalk specialises in provider cheap broadband in…

11. ReadyMakers LTD

3 reviews | Trustscore 6.8

I want to thank company for their superb service. I have has a positive experience with them. Their tech staff is fast and active for…

12. XLN Telecom

202 reviews | Trustscore 6.1 | Website

XLN Telecom provide cheap broadband and phone packages to UK small business. We will never be beaten on price!

13. Tiscali

3 reviews | Trustscore 4.9

When I joined tiscali it was a really good service provider and reasonable cost. Then Talk Talk took it over. I now have to stay with them if I want…

14. Yourcalls

3 reviews | Trustscore 4.9

I have had 2 appointments for engineer to come for faulty line, both times no engineer but if you are not in when engineer calls you are charged £90.…

15. Bethere

7 reviews | Trustscore 4.4

transitioned me to a different provider and they're crap. thanks a bunch

16. Netcetera Managed Hosting

10 reviews | Trustscore 4.1

We've had two major outages over the last two months. A 12 hour outage last month due to a hardware failure and a similar 12 hour outage yesterday th…

17. O2

1,121 reviews | Trustscore 3.6

Have been dealing with o2 for about 7-8 years. Only in the last 2 years have I come across any major problems. They had put me onto a business co…

18. Primussaver

23 reviews | Trustscore 3.3

A long torturous 18 months. Terrible customer service, when you can get hold of them. Don't bother sending an email because they don't reply. Don't a…

19. BT

22 reviews | Trustscore 2.6

Since switching to BT infinity I have had no end of trouble, with constant drop outs in connection and the customer service staff unable to diagnose …

20. Plusnet

212 reviews | Trustscore 2.3

My daughter's 'phone line crashed 3 weeks ago...despite numerous calls to Plusnet she is still without her 'phoneline....they have sent people out t…