Best companies in the category: IP Telephony

1. Powwownow

52 reviews | Trustscore 9.4 | Website

Free Conference Call Service. Conference Calls with No Booking, No Billing, No Fuss!

2. Soho66

247 reviews | Trustscore 9.3 | Website

Soho66 provides VoIP services to over 25,000 business customers. The platform includes premium business-grade features, for example Call Recording (£…

3. TheBestComms

30 reviews | Trustscore 8.9 | Website

TheBestComms is a leading provider of unified communications solutions. We specialise in developing and sourcing the best communication systems for o…

4. Redcare 5G Ltd

16 reviews | Trustscore 8.9

I've recently switched from Skype to Redcare 5G for my phone system and lines services. Overall I'm really pleased. One of the fundamental reasons…

5. Usomo

14 reviews | Trustscore 8.9 | Website

Usomo is a Voice over IP provider, offering a quality business-grade VoIP platform. A company with innovation at its heart, the Usomo platform is …

6. I.T Communications Limited

9 reviews | Trustscore 8.7 | Website

can't fault the support & knowledge base

7. SpecTronics UK

7 reviews | Trustscore 8.5

Having been let down by one VoIP service I had to get another installed as a matter of urgency for my business. I did some research and found SpecTr…

8. Telappliant

75 reviews | Trustscore 7.9 | Website

Telappliant is an Internet telephony specialist with more than 80,000 subscribers and one of the largest Voice over IP (VoIP) networks in the UK. We…

9. Cloud Heroes

3 reviews | Trustscore 7.9 | Website

As businesses increasingly depend on the cloud for the delivery of business critical systems, so choosing the right service delivery partner becomes …

10. Freeswitchboardmanager

1 reviews | Trustscore 7.4

Came across the site a few months back when I was setting up my business and got quotes with BT and a few others. I was astonished to find this was F…

11. 5 Rings Telecom

1 reviews | Trustscore 7.4

We recently used 5 Rings Telecom when we decided to upgrade our business telecoms. Not only do 5 Rings have great customer service, they have indepth…

12. Card Connect

1 reviews | Trustscore 7.4

Great service, great price