Best companies in the category: Mobile Network Provider

1. txtNation

36 reviews | Trustscore 9.0 | Website

txtNation is an award-winning provider of mobile billing and SMS messaging services of which includes mobile campaign and management solutions.

2. DialToSave (

50 reviews | Trustscore 8.6

I use the service quite a lot and it saves me a lot of money. Only reason I give it 4 stars is because sometimes it takes like 20 seconds to connect…

3. Digital Calling Cards

7 reviews | Trustscore 7.9

You guys are providing us with excellent services and I will recommend you to all my business associates and friends. The calls are always clear rega…

4. Tescomobile Freesim

3 reviews | Trustscore 7.2

I decided to change to this mobile service provider and they've been good. Would recommend to my friends.

5. Giffgaff

129 reviews | Trustscore 4.1

Well, here is my experience of giffgaff over the last 12 months Calls - Generally fine, odd occasions of cutting off or people sounding like R2D2 …

6. Talkmobile

10 reviews | Trustscore 4.0

I was with Talkmobile for three days. Telephone calls passed you around and then went dead. Help desk went home at 7pm (in Cape Town) and e-mails for…

7. O2

1,121 reviews | Trustscore 3.6

Have been dealing with o2 for about 7-8 years. Only in the last 2 years have I come across any major problems. They had put me onto a business co…

8. Virgin

177 reviews | Trustscore 3.6

I was with Virgin Mobile for a few years - drawn in initially by a decent phone/contract package. Everything ran pretty smoothly, they even gave me a…

9. BT

21 reviews | Trustscore 2.7

They say your money are refunded but if I ask where it is gonne be refunded or where they will send money,they say no money will be send anywhere.The…

10. Three

512 reviews | Trustscore 2.5

I used a 3 data sim for my ipad and paid for it by direct debit for 6 months, but I changed my bank account to get a better deal in January which is …

11. Vodafone

908 reviews | Trustscore 1.7

Vodafone lives on presumptions of their own which is that every thing is perfectly fine. The couldn't solve the network problem I had at my previous …

12. Orange

834 reviews | Trustscore 1.5

My wife and I visit the UK each year. This year we each had new iPhones and we wanted to transfer the Orange 'pay as you go' accounts previously set …

13. T Mobile

545 reviews | Trustscore 1.3

I had got my t mobile contract locked at monthly credit limit. So I would not over use it. Customer service staff assured me that my phone will be …