Best companies in the category: Money Transfer

1. Currency Solutions

1,247 reviews | Trustscore 9.7 | Website

Currency Solutions are specialists at helping individuals and companies exchange currency and transfer funds internationally.

2. TransferGo

153 reviews | Trustscore 9.7 | Website

Im very happy I found TransferGo.Profesional service for only 2.50!

3. GlobalWebPay

1,211 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

We always use GlobalWebPay for money transfers to continental Europe The service is always quick and reliable, and the exchange rates offered are ve…

4. Currency UK Limited

361 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

Currency UK foreign exchange: best rates guaranteed for international transfers. FCA Regulated.

5. WorldRemit

1,420 reviews | Trustscore 9.5 | Website

WorldRemit is an online money transfer business enabling customers to send money to family and friends using various payments options including debit…

6. FC Exchange

85 reviews | Trustscore 9.4 | Website

FC Exchange is a leading UK currency broker specialising in international money transfers and foreign exchange for individuals and businesses with a …


48 reviews | Trustscore 9.4 | Website

The more money transferred throughout the day the cheaper the price of transfers will be for everyone that is sending money that day.

8. Orbitremit

493 reviews | Trustscore 9.3 | Website

We are a fully online international money transfer solution. We get money to where it is needed most, at the best possible exchange rate for the …

9. Azimo

478 reviews | Trustscore 9.3 | Website

Satisfied and very happy.

10. Currency Change

32 reviews | Trustscore 9.2 | Website

CurrencyChange is a low cost alternative to High Street Banks for individuals and businesses to send or receive funds globally. We provide competitve…

11. UKForex

26 reviews | Trustscore 9.1 | Website

UKForex is an online currency transfer service with better rates than the banks. Low or NO Fees, 24/7 customer service, for over £1000 or equivalent,…

12. Xendpay

272 reviews | Trustscore 8.4 | Website

We specialise in sending money overseas - online, safely and cheaply. We are part of the Rational Group which includes RationalFX. RationalFX is an…

13. Concorde Currency

6 reviews | Trustscore 8.4 | Website

I was purchasing a property overseas and I needed a safe and secure method of transfer. Now having worked in this Industry for 5 years I know all abo…

14. Currency Exchange Corporation Limited

6 reviews | Trustscore 8.2

I prefer them because they offer better rate than other money exchange. They have all currencies available with them. I am sure i can buy any currency

15. Cash Genie Loans

224 reviews | Trustscore 7.4 | Website

Everything easy, fast