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Oh Dear

Received no email or communication advising delivery date. Contacted them by phone to find out and was told it would be coming the next day, which I'm glad I did, because I was to be out that day, so asked them to put it back to the day after that.

Called them again on the morning of delivery to check again, because still no email to confirm. Was told that it would arrive but couldn't get any time of day, so had to stay in all day and it eventually arrived at 4.30pm.

TV box was in very bad condition and polystyrene carton inside was broken and some accessories were missing. Phones 123AV and was told that it was a Grade A product - which I had assumed meant top class - I didn't know there was a link to explain on the website that it was a previously opened or damaged package or returned item. So a bit of a shock really, but this explained the low price. I thought that I'd found a bargain.

TV works fine, had to go out and buy batteries, because they were missing and can buy the other accessories on line. So pleased with outcome, but would probably buy new from elsewhere in future.

Update 02/04/13
Had a call from 123AV, who apologised for me not having 100% satisfaction and listened very carefully to my problems.
I should have given my mobile number instead of a land line and City Link would have texted me the delivery day. However they are going to review the system, so they are very proactive in ensuring satisfaction for their customers.
They are going to look at making it more obvious that the TV's are Grade A on the website.
As long as you realise that the electronic goods for sale are Grade A, this is a very good place to buy.
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