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Clunky, but finally get a response on a cancelled booking

My first experience of 9flats is mediocre so far. I made a booking in London, but after I paid, the host then cancelled one of the days. So I had paid for a night I couldn't have.

9flats support suggested the host refund me in cash when I arrived in the UK in four months time. I said no, please with draw the credit charge from my card and issue the right charge, so I can book a hotel. They said yes. They were going to contact me when that was done and I could rebook for the right dates.

They didn't. Two weeks later 9flats had not withdrawn the credit card charge. It took another 3 emails to them and the host to get this happening. And another couple of emails to the host to rebook for the right dates. The final response from 9flats was the most professional but the others were fairly off-hand.

So the booking's through, but it was a pretty annoying experience. And it cost me $AUD35.00 because the exchange rate changed in the intervening weeks!

Wouldn't use 9flats again because they don't check out their listings. The flat was not in the suburb they said it was - we ended up in Whitechapel, famous for its crime and drug dealing, rather than Spitalfields. The flat was on the top of a run down estate block, where the garbage collection was infrequent and the noise was unbelievable, all night long - especially fights, police, ambulances etc. The flat was clean, but the fixtures were old and broken. The door to the balcony broke, both kitchen stools were broken, and the shower broke. Only 1 dinner plate. The free internet ran out before our week was up and we had to get unit. And we weren't looking at TV or games because the connection was too slow and unreliable.
We used another booking agency for our other flats on this trip and had no problems.

Oh seeing I'm not listed as a confirmed purchaser my receipt number for the 9Flats Booking is 7fe8741d and our complaint Case # 64644.
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