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Orlando to Heathrow = Horrible

United Airlines man the Check in desk for Aer lingus in Orlando and Advise travellers must arrives 3 hours before departure, Which I felt was too long.. We were then told to be at the gate by 6pm and that the gate would close at 6:20pm prompt.

Come 6:25 the gate actually opens... So exaggeration of times is not a good passenger experience.

So having been at the airport early like a good passenger a good 3 and a half hours prior the night time flight Cabin Manager Mary proceeds to leave the cabin lighting on full for the duration of the night flight whilst we are relentlessly sold duty free at 3am.. additionally in flight entertainment was discontinued with a full hour prior to landing. Then combine that with the poorly configure seating on the Airbus A330 meaning we were allocated none reclining seats for a 6'2 guy this is an issue, only to see lots of empty seats that I could have been allocated if it weren't for a zero tolerance on movement in the cabin policy. Then add to this a strict if your bag is not under your seat you will die and take all of us with you approach to cabin management, made for a quite horrendous flight that I will never use this airline again.

The airline must be run by accountants with little vision I should have seen the warning signs when I could not check in on-line via my iPad because they use Microsoft silver-light as a kind of interactive web object system.

The best thing about the flight was the cabin chap Paul managed to find a vegetarian meal after we were originally not allocated one. despite requesting this on line.

Having flow out with Air Canada and caught 2 internal flights with American Airlines the stark contract in aircraft, cabin crew, in flight atmosphere, and the relentless duty free selling at 3 am. I can only predict dark days ahead for this airline unless ryan air or the government backs them further.

I was hoping for the Irish British Airways but I just think this fell well short. I don't know if the cabin manager gets a bonus for keeping the flight awake and getting as much out of them as possible but this is short term thinking. I am glad living in the UK I at least have a choice.

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