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An amazingly fluid and professional trip through the Equity Release process.

I am a pensioner and therefore have limited funds available. I wanted to release some equity from my Son's half of the property so that he (and his soon to be bride) could get on the property ladder. I was looking for a scheme where I did not have to pay any monthly amounts. Guided by Matthew Morgan I qualified for a Lifetime Mortgage and from beginning to receiving the cheque took an amazing 6 weeks!
My Son and his Partner are currently finalizing a house purchase.
To be able to see them in their own home whilst I am still living gives me great pleasure.
I would like to single out the following for their efforts:
Matthew Morgan - Clear understandable responses to my annoying amount of questions.
Michael Storer - Offering unconditional support to me along with Matthew.
Great Experience.
Anyone wishing to contact me to either validate what I have written or have any questions about my experience with Age Partnership then please contact me directly:
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