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I will not use you again due to your lack of after care

when one of my toilets needed repairs your plumber changed bottom inlet valve with fluidmaster valve.
I was told that these are the latest and the best units to use
I then asked for a second toilet to be changed to the new fluidmast valve as per your recommendation

both units broke down with 8 months and 7.5 months, however your company insisted that the units are my problem and it is up to me to take the problem to the manufacturers -

after several phone calls Adam Rotherham agreed that I will give you my credit card details but it will not be used until Adam spoke to the manufacturers and got back to me -
last week I received an invoice and found out that my card has been debited without my agreement - and had a person called Adele Hartland arguing the case and in all honesty she is rude ignorant and must go back to school as she need to learn to read the emails before she responses to them -
my question is this

when the unit is supplied by yourselves ,
- how do I know who is the manufacturer
- how do I know who was your supplier
- how do I get a copy of the invoice you paid for the unit to prove purchase
- how do I know the unit details when the unit was taken away by the plumber
- why is the unit not covered for a year like any other units or any other item you buy anywhere else
- why was your terms and conditions thrown in my face after you received my complaint and not when I made a call and you sending your plumber

I have a quote from you to change a boiler and update the pipes to the new regulations,
needless to say that I now feel I cannot trust you to give me units that you can guarantee and for such a big job I feel I have to go to a trusted company such as British Gas -

thank you for opening my eyes to bad service company

can you p
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