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Not fit for the purpose

In the month of May this year I decided to get the shower room renovated and used Aspect-Maintenance for this work. They did such a botch job that it was not fit for the purpose. It is my considered opinion that one should think twice before using these unreliable builders. They gave me an impression of typical cow boy builders by cutting corners, not following the manufactures instructions, leaving the place in a dangerous condition and asking for more money to get their own mistakes in the work corrected.
On the first day they were supposed to start, no one turned up. Following day the tiller started the work and finished in three days tiling the floor, painting ceiling and removing old shower unit, basin and W/C. All the waste produced was removed by the refuse disposal van provided by at about 1:30 pm. It was so far so good. The trouble began when the plumber started working on the shower unit. According to the manufactures instructions, there should be two people to do the job. Only one plumber turned up. I mentioned this matter to the project manager of Aspect- Maintenance and it was totally ignored.
The previous unit was of 750 Sq mm. It was to be replaced by the unit of 900 Sq. mm. The previous unit was 100mm high which is a normal height of a shower unit tray. The wall of the shower room was already tiled before. The decorator had to remove the tiles from the wall because they were damaged during the removal of the old unit. The plumber instead of replacing the damaged tiles, he raised the height of the new unit to cover the void left by damaged tiles. This made the shower unit 200 mm high. I notice that when the 100mm high PVC cladding supplied by the manufacturer did not fit the unit. It was half of the height. I pointed out this matter to the project manager that 100 mm was the recommended height. That night when I used the unit, I discovered that it was dangerous to use because it was too high and needed a support of 100 mm high. It was easy to get in but dangerous to get out after shower without a support.
When I pointed out to the project manager, he refused to accept any mistake was carried out by the plumber. He kept on insisting that the previous tray was 200 mm height same as the new one. Even I was accused of telling white lies. I had to produce photographic evidences to prove my point. He insisted that while removing the waste in the evening during his last visit which was on the following day after the plumber finished his work, he found 2” x4” timber panels used as support for the old system. He did not realise that all the waste from the old system was removed by aspect’s van six days prior to his visit. At the end he accepted his fault. Even then instead of correcting it the mistake by lowering the unit by 100mm, he insisted that it will cost me another £450 + vat. When I suggested providing an additional platform, he produced another estimate for the stop stool £170 to make one. I went to a well-known Departmental Store and got a bathroom step stool (350x450x100 mm) for £23.50. However, using supporting timber panels (not recommended by the manufacturer) have made the unit unstable. The steel legs provided have started to slip away. I stopped using the shower unit.
I have discovered that the company Aspect-maintenance was continuously cutting corners. They had no interest in the welfare of the Clint. When I explained them that I got a bad knee and it was impossible for me to use the shower unit at the current stage, they totally ignored the fact. They did not want to know about it. Even I was accused by their Project Manager of telling white lies. The work carried out by the Aspect-Maintenance was totally unsatisfactory and I will never use them again.
First I wrote to the customer services without any success. Eventually I published this letter in their google website. I also wrote on the wall of the in the face book to get some action. I received a call from their customer services and then a visit from their Operational Director. He inspected the shower unit and confirmed that it was in a dangerous condition because by the vibrations the steel legs started to slip away from the timber panels. He moved them to the centre of the panels and tight them up to make it safe. He also mentioned that he will send someone to nail down the timber panels from slipping. I also mentioned that these timber panels were not necessary to use. Also they are not recommended by the manufacturers to use them. They were making the tray unnecessary high and difficult to use. I had to commitment from him to get this done. It is over a week now; I did not hear anything from them.
They did such a botch job that I am not sure if I should allow them near my property. I might have to hire some other builders to finish the job they left behind
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    This is Will Davies, Managing Director of
    I want to apologise for how long it has taken to fix this problem. Although the installation of the shower was neither incorrect or dangerous we sympathise that this has caused difficulty during use.
    We have had to wait for confirmation from our engineers before we could book a return visit but we are now able to move forward. We are looking to schedule a visit for this week, and I sincerely hope that we are able to resolve this matter for you. You can expect to hear from us very soon if not already, but please don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email to if you have any further questions.
    Thank you.
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