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NOT RACCOMENDED Just trying to get as much money from you as they possibly can

I called Aspect yesterday as my boiler had died and i had no hot water whatsoever.
They managed to come quite quickly, within 4-5 hours from my call. The guy was really friendly but he begun to unscrew the boiler and he found out straight away that the fun wasnt working. It took him litterally 15 minutes. Than another 20 minutes to call around and give me a quote for the job Roughly £200 included VAT as the job would last 1 hour and the fan would cost rounf £100. Tot 35 minutes at my flat and he got lost.

I got a quote of £238.60 plus VAT from the head office when the engineer told me roughly "£200 included vat" and here I thought, If they cant be bothered to talk to eachother just to pretend they are actually not scamming people. Why would I be their customer?
Thats just silly, if they actually talked to eachother and they gave me a quote similar to the one the engineer gave me, I would have probaly gone for it without blinking. Instead, you are just unprofessional and unorganized and i had to have a second opinion.
This other engineerI had today didnt charge me for the first visit and he gave me a quote of raughly £160 so , even though i have wasted £100 to the engineer from ASPECTs for the first visit. In the end My bill will be £260 which is £100 cheaper than your quote.
Keep up the good job guys, I wish you all the best of luck in finding brand new people to scam.
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    Hi Fabio, this is Will Davies, Managing Director of
    Our engineers are able to give you a rough estimate on site but when it comes to the exact cost of necessary parts the head office is much more accurate as they confirm current costs with the suppliers before sending out the estimate.
    I can only apologise that on this occasion the estimate was so far off the actual.
    I hope you appreciate that this was not an attempt to scam anyone. If you do wish to discuss this further please get in touch using
    Thank you.
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