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The worst customer service I have ever experienced.

If I could give 0 stars, that would be too many. Not only did Aspect not do the promised work, they actually made my day far worse than if I had never contacted them.

To begin, the engineer had been sent from the diametrically opposite side of London and so was 3 hours late. Despite email confirmation well in advance that he would be arriving with certain parts (re-verified by Aspect's own review of the relevant call records), he was never told this and had nothing, so absolutely no work could be done. This was entirely the fault of the Aspect booking team and call centre.

Aspect's call centre staff and management took no responsibility for this total shambles and waste of my entire day off work, offering at most a 10% discount when the intelligent response would have been an offer to do the work for free at my convenience to retain even the semblance of goodwill.

Despite promises of a call from senior management, the first further contact I have had since Monday 15 July is a request for feedback yesterday, 19 September. So here it is, and on their website too (where of course it will not be published).

All in all, atrocious work from Aspect, and I shall not be shy in saying so to family, friends and the thousands of people that work in my office.

By way of contrast, [external reference] were on time, professional, friendly, followed the agreed work plan, helpfully suggested a couple of cheap and effective fixes for unrelated issues and charged considerably less. They deserve your business.
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