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I paid £202 to get an email that my boiler is faulty.Don't use them.

I called to check and repair my boiler which the pressure kept falling. The engineer attended and visual checked the boiler for half an hour. He left, then I received an email that I need to remove boxing to give access to VPR which seems faulty. Next day they charged my card for £202! It mentions £85 for one hour plus £ 85 for material plus VAT.
I called the accounting department several times to clarify why they charged me for material whilst the engineer just had a visual check and they promised to come back to me which never happened.
I still have the same problem with the boiler and lost £202 just to receive an email that my boiler has a fault!
It is just a ripp off. They get the details of your card at the first place and then charge you whatever they want!
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    Dear Saeed,
    This is Will Davies, Managing Director of
    I was concerned to hear you feel you were overcharged by I have therefore looked into this matter with our call centre staff and trade head. Our records show that you requested a gas service as well as a general heating and boiler pressure check, to be carried out at the half hourly rate. The engineer was on site between 9.45 and 11.30, meaning you were charged the flat rate for the service and one hour for diagnostics and balancing and bleeding the radiators.
    It is unfortunate that the PRV was boxed in meaning that no replacement could be made, however our trade head to call you to discuss and followed with an email to explain the situation and suggest the best course of action. You stated you would get the boxing removed yourself. I apologise if you feel ripped off, and wish to assure you that is never our intention. If you wish to discuss this further, please email us at
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