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unprofessional a week after due delivery am still waitin for part of ny bed

My reason for ratein it so poor is due to the fact i purchased a bed sue for delivery friday just gone its now thursday and am still missing part of it all they kept saying was dont worry you will b compensated for my inconvenience im now told to expect my missin part tomoro but no mention of being compensated i chose beds sos because u was recommended to me i certainly wont be recommendin you after my experience
    Bed SOS
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    Reply from Bed SOS

    Hi Charlene,

    We have apologised on numerous occasions due to this ongoing issue. The issue was not caused directly via ourselves - it is an issue which has occurred during the courier service, for which we apologised. We advised you that once you had received the 'full bed', we would compensate you for your inconveniences.

    Eleanor has been dealing with this issue and liaising with the courier on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the courier put a search out for your missing piece and until the searches were finished we were unable to establish if a replacement package needed to be sent. Searches within the courier service take 3-5 business days, hence the length in time to rectify this issue. Yesterday, Eleanor received news that the courier's searches were complete, and that the item has not been found. So we sent a replacement box out and upgraded the delivery service to 'before 12 delivery', at an additional cost to ourselves.

    We are as disappointed as you are with regards to the issue which has occurred. It is not in our best interest to leave our customers without pieces for their new beds - however, on some occasions the courier cause an issue which is beyond our control. Furthermore, due to this issue caused via the courier, we have had to take a package from one of our stock - meaning that, because our stock is equalised we now have a bed that cannot be sold. We as a company have lost money on delivery charges and on goods, yet we are still willing to compensate you as a good will gesture.

    We have issued you a partial refund of £30.00 due to the inconveniences caused.

    Any further questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0844 357 0429.

    Kind regards,
    Bed SOS
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