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Ok company, disgusting courier service

Purchased a bed from Bedsos recently, was told I qualified for next day delivery, after taking a full day off work and sitting from 8am - 6pm no delivery received with no notice to tell me it wouldn't arrive or any explanation as to where it was. Could not get any answer from bedsos as they closed at 5pm, no answer from the local delivery depot at all.

After complaining I was informed the next day that as the delivery driver had to take his cat to the vets and was 4 hours late for work, he had run out of time to deliver my bed, costing me a full days wages and leaving me to sleep on the floor as I had disposed of my old bed in anticipation for the new one.

After many emails back and forward with bedsos I was informed my bed would arrive at 1pm as I advised this was my lunch break and I was not prepared to take more time off work. Of course 1pm came and went with no delivery, I was then informed by bed SOS that my bed would not be delivered until after 5pm or possibly the next day. This was absolutely unacceptable.

I contacted the local depot myself and was informed due to a problem with the work phones they could not get in touch with the driver who had my bed to ask him to make my delivery the next one.

After waiting round for a further hour or so they rang me back to say he would arrive well before 2.40, meaning I could get back to work for a reasonable time considering I had lost so many hours already.

I received a call from the delivery driver himself at 2.35 informing me he was on his way. He did turn up, at 2.40 on the dot, was unapologetic and seemed agitated at having to make the delivery.

In fairness to bedsos I do believe the main fault was with the courier XDP deliveries I believe them to be called, however reading other reviews it seems this was not an isolated incident. Received £30 refund as a good will gesture which was appreciated. The items I purchased were of good quality and if bedsos were to change couriers, I believe they would be a reputable and great company.
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    Reply from Bed SOS

    Hi NH12,

    Many thanks for your comments and feedback. We have been experiencing issues with XDP recently, and we have liaised with them on a serious manner to ensure that such issues do not arise for our future customers. We apologise for the experience you have received with the courier, and we understand how their actions reflect on us as a company. We hope the partial refund restores your faith in us as a company.

    Since your order we have received numerous reports of negative feedback from our customers regarding the courier issue. We have therefore dropped the courier in certain areas - as the bad service our customers are receiving from certain XDP depot's is disgraceful and totally unacceptable. We are also monitoring the service they are providing us/ customers in other areas, and they are aware that should they repeat such behaviour we will have no alternative but to drop them completely as our courier.

    On a positive note, we appreciate your honest feedback and we take on board everything you have pointed out to us. We are continuing to ensure that these issues are not repeated. We apologise for any inconvenience the service you received has caused to yourself.

    Kind regards,
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