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After I rejected Bozowi's new offer, which suddenly was a lot lower than first agreed for my Iphone,(Basically they changed their offer once they had my phone). i wrote a review sharing my concerns. Bozowi did not like this and so they have threatened to sue me and have kept my phone and refused to respond to my emails. Why you ask? simple, I refused to allow them to rip me off!!!!!!!!!!! I have informed trading standards and BBC watchdog. USE BOZOWI AT YOUR OWN PERIL...........YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Reply from Bozowi


    The device you sent us does not power on correctly, the apple logo remains on the device. Our testing criteria is stated clearly on every device page and also within our terms. All recyclers have different criteria, the device you sent does not power on, (although does attempt to do so). Although we classify this type of device as zero, we think it fair to offer a parts value instead.

    We return handsets in the same condition as they are sent to us - Please email us photos of the handset for us to investigate further.

    We do not have a premium rate number, are you confusing us with a different company?

    All the reviews on this site are genuine and have order references to confirm they are genuine. Exaggeration and fabrication of the facts do not help the situation.

    We operate our business in a honest and ethical way and it is always frustrating when 100% of dissatisfied customers leave negative feedback when less than 1% of satisfied leave feedback.

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