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Insulted and ripped off!

We sent two identical Samsung phones, boxed and protected by recorded delivery. We received an email to say that the first phone had been received on Saturday at 15:45 wethen got a 2nd email to say the price was reduced at15:48. The other phone (In the same box) was received at 15:48 and surprise surprise the email to say it the price was reduced came at 15:54.
What really angers us is both phones were in excellent condition and kept in Samsung cases from the day we bought them yet apparently their is damage to the face and casings!!
We now loose £30 by accepting the revised offer or £20 getting our property back.
Avoid this company at all costs.
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    Reply from Bozowi

    Hi Julie, thanks for your comments. I've asked our engineers to take some photographs of your devices to illustrate the points we've made. I'll update this review when they're done.

    With regards to emails, they're part of an automated system which responds to updates on your devices posted by our engineers. The process of assessing phones is quite a detailed one, and not something that's wrapped up in 3 minutes. From looking on the system I can see that your devices were logged a little after 10am, and the engineers decision was made between then and 15.48 / 15.54, which triggered the email responses.

    As previously mentioned, I'll update the review shortly.
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