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Awful Experience - Won't use again

I sent my Samsung Galaxy S3 to Bozowi on the recommendation of my local Car Phone Warehouse who had offered me £208.00 for it but said I would get more using Bozowi.

Bozowi offered £250.10 for a phone in working condition so signed up to sell them my phone.

Shipped it to them on 4th April special delivery in original box with 2 spare back covers all bubble wrapped in jiffy bag - Cost £6.85 special delivery

5th April - receive email stating phone has failed testing criteria and is now only worth £116.00 sighting that the casing was cracked and rear cover badly scratched.

Rejected offer, called to get phone back, said I disputed the claims of damage so they offered to put a dispute on the order and tell me I'd get a call from the manager on the following Monday.

No call so chase, get told takes 24 hours to respond, tell them it's been that long and get told that dispute will be reviewed with a manager and I'd get a call back - No call.

Chase again on Tuesday get told this time it takes 48 hours to resolve disputes - tell them they said it was a 24hr response the day before and that it was now 48 hours since dispute raised - they tell me they will call back and this time they do to say they downgraded my phone in error and were prepared to increase the offer to £175.00 said the scratches on the rear were not as bad as first though and also said that there was a crack in the casing where the charger plugs in, couldn't dispute this as I had no idea if there was a crack in it or not.

Reject revised iffer anyway knowing I can get more at CPW so give card details for return postage which they say they will charge me same as it cost to send it to them after I tell them what it cost to use special delivery. Get told phone will be shipped Thursday and with me Friday.

Call on Wednesday as wanted to ask for tracking number when they send phone back - cannot get through, phone just rings for ages then turns into an engaged tone - figure they are busy so try again and again and again at different times of the day same thing each time. Guess they can see my number on their phones and choose not to pick up anyway I gave up in the end.

Call back on Thursday and get through, I request the tracking number as I need it because a neighbour was going to take delivery as I was going to be out out all day Friday. They tell me phone has been dispatched and give me a tracking number - check tracking number - it's the one that was on the phone when I sent it to them. Call back, get through, ask for manager (whom I've spoken to a few times) explain why, get told she is on a call and will call me back - no call.

Friday, call again, got through and question if they have even sent phone back, they tell me they have - fair enough, ask for tracking number get given same one as before, tell them it's the wrong one, they tell me they can't help and will get manager to call me - no call - chase again, speak to manager who tells me she will have the tracking number at 4pm that day as that is when the dispatch department give her the tracking numbers for all sent items and will call me back - no call.
Get home - no phone.

Saturday - while out postman leaves a missed delivery form - yesterday I collect phone from post office. Upon inspection can find absolutely no cracks near or around the charging port or on any other part of the casing and the rear cover while slightly scuffed (which I already knew) has nothing like the damage they told me it had.

Took phone back to CPW they check phone, give it all clear for condition cosmetically and working wise and gave me £195.80 for it.

So, in short I have lost £14.00 in wasted postage fees and another £12.20 between what I was originally offered by CPW and what it lost in the 2 wasted weeks I spent faffing about sending it to Bozowi. A total waste of my time and money.

My phone was in a very very good condition, I accept the rear cover had some scuffs but I sent 2 new unused covers with it. The casing was not cracked anywhere, I even told CPW that Bozowi had found cracks in the casing, they also checked it and found no evidence of any cracks.

I just think they didn't really want my phone so made the reduced offers and made up problems in the hope I'd accept their reduced offer and never be able to to argue if the damage they reported was on the phone or not.

I would say that they probably will buy your phone but be prepared for them to reduce the initial offer for the slightest of reasons.

The customer service was poor at best, failing to return calls when they said they would, not picking up the phone etc. The people you speak to are polite and give the impression they are being helpful but in reality they aren't really helping at all.

If you still want to use them I would just say be ready for less than they offer you on line and a fair bit of hassle to get your phone back if you choose to reject their offer.

A bitter experience for me, one I will not be repeating. If I had been this bad in my job I would not have my job anymore.
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    Reply from Bozowi

    Hi Grahame, thanks for your review and comments. Customer feedback and satisfaction is obviously of utmost importance to us, and I'm greatly concerned about the important issues you've raised. We keep a photographic record of every device that's assessed by our engineers, so I'll take a look at this case personally for you and contact you shortly to find a positive resolution to this for you.

    Thanks again for your comments.
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