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Absolutely appalling service !!!

I sent my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Iphone 4s to Bozowi; both were in excellent condition and in original cases since the very start. Absolutely pristine, they initially offered me £250 for my Galaxy s3 and upon inspection reduced the price to £185!!! There has always been a case on the handset itself, so I can guarantee there weren’t any noticeable scratches that would warrant a reduction of £65!!! There exact words;
"The back case has scratches on it; therefore we will offer a reduced price of £185? What a complete joke. You can purchase a back cover off EBay for £5? I refused and told them to send it back.
My Iphone 4s was also pristine and in excellent condition, due to the type of material it has, it's near impossible to keep the phone scratch free!! They initially offered me £231 for it. Upon inspection reduced the price to £178!! I wasn't very happy at all, as this does not warrant such a reduction on both handsets? I spoke to their customer service dept, which of course took 3 days for someone to actually pick up the phone and talk to me, this is absolutely unacceptable. She explained that the Iphone 4s has numerous scratches on it, she started counting them on the phone itself, literally 3 scratches; please explain how this warrants a reduction of almost £50??
Absolutely appalling!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!
To make matters worse, I had to pay £20 for them to return both units. Can someone please explain how special delivery via Royal mail costs £10 per phone?? Initially cost me £6 each to send. All i can say is this company wasted my time and as a result I am set to lose out on more money prices are always decreasing with recycling companies. Absolutely disgusting!!
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