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Anyone that is considering taking up the higher offer from Bozowi should most definitely read all reviews first, i didn't and it caused me more stressed than actually needed.
I sent my perfectly working iphone 4s 16gb in white, lock to o2 to Bozowi. First of all i was given a quote of £232.
All was well till i received an email stating “the engineers have tested your phone and have found that your phone has a scratches on the unit and on camera lens and phone is network locked to o2”
There was no mention in the quote initially received about deducting money for the phone being locked, there is even the option to add who the phone is locked to.
I also knew there was a TINY scratch on the camera but nothing considerable, i have taken many great photos without this affecting it.
I was furious with the second quote they had offered of £162. The company then went on to say if i unlocked the phone (at a cost) they would up the quote by £30. I was not happy.
The company is here to rip people off so they can make more money on the phone themselves.
They charge you £10 to return your phone, which i ended up paying.

I received my phone back on Wed17th April. I have since sent it to Mazuma on Thurs 18th Apr and they have paid the £210 quote straight away and has cleared my bank today, Fri 19th April


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    Reply from Bozowi

    Hi Jenni, thanks for your comments. We'd like to respond.

    You're right, there is a scratch on the lens, but there are also other scratches on the handset, which you can see in a gallery here:

    As you'll see, the damage to the device is significant enough to devalue it, unfortunately. Damage like this, especially to a sensitive part of a phone like a lens, directly impacts on it's market value.

    Our terms and conditions flag up that we may downgrade a device if it's network locked, but are happy to work with customers if they can provide us with an unlocking code. Many networks will provide that for free to customers on an individual basis, but if we asked for all the codes we require daily (we receive around a 1,000 phones a day) we'd unfortunately be charged. We choose not to pay this to pass those savings onto our customers.

    We hope this explains why we took the decision to reduce our original offer for your device.

    Thanks for trying Bozowi.
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