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I sent my fully working Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray into them after them quoting £56.80 for the handset. They sent me an email a few days later telling me that the phone has water damage! I had been USING the phone the day BEFORE I sent it! they dropped their 'offer' to £28.40! a Drop of £28.40 within the email they didn't mention anything like that, they just said 'There has been an update to your order'. and to login to my account on their website. After doing so, it gave me the option to accept or reject the offer. of course I rejected it and they WILL NOT send the phone back to be without me PAYING THEM £10 for postage! How can a company break a phone, lower the cost and charge you for asking for it back!!!! This cannot be legal, even if it is in their 'terms and conditions'. UPDATE FURTHER TO REPLY: Bozowi. You have lied to me you you are NOT being fair. My phone was working PERFECTLY. YOU must have damaged it to trigger the indicator. I am insulted at your reply and my anger for your so called company cannot get any more. I have tried to call you to discuss this but as mentioned in previous comments, you never answer the phone hiding behind a computer screen is NO WAY to conduct business.
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    Reply from Bozowi

    Damian, we'd like to address the important issues you've raised.

    Most contemporary smartphones have liquid indicators - either on the device, the battery, or in many cases, on both. When these indicators are triggered, often by turning red, that means the device has come into contact with moisture or liquid. It's often the case that a mobile phone will continue working after this indicator is triggered, and faults will only become apparent over time. Whatever the case, the wider industry views the activation of these liquid indicators as a significantly devaluing factor. This meant we reluctantly offered you less than originally quoted for your handset.

    We'd like to flag up that many of our competitors would only offer £15 for your handset with water damage, so are happy we were able to offer you a competitive price.

    We certainly haven't broken your phone, we've not lied about your transaction with us, and are happy to provide photographic or video evidence of our findings if you wish.
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