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Do not stick to their word on prices.

I recently sent my Blackberry Curve 9300 off to Bozowi. It was only 2/3 weeks old as i had recently got it on my insurance as my old phone had broken. It was in very good condition and so i expected the full £59 quote. My phone failed the testing and the price was revised to £45 due to scratches on the handset. I emailed Bozowi asking to see proof of the scratches and damage to my phone and they responded saying it would take '48 to 72 hours to the evidence', which i thought was fair. I received the email on early April 22nd, so they should've sent me the photos by the 25th. I didn't receive any contact from Bozowi and they didn't send me the photos. Today (26th), i emailed again asking what was happening and now it has simply come through on the website that they have processed the £45 reduced price as i had 'accepted it'. I have received no reply to email yet and I definitely haven't accepted it and if its related to a rule on timings etc, then i believe it could've waited until i have received the proof of damage to the phone. I would recommend not using this company as they seem to downgrade most handsets. Their customer service is also poor as they take a long time to respond to emails and when i tried to ring the company, no-one even picked up. I won't be using this company again.
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    Reply from Bozowi

    Since our inception, has encouraged our customers to use to comment on their experience of recycling devices with us.

    We have noted that false customers and / or rival companies within the mobile phone recycling industry have been posting fictitious reviews on our TrustPilot pages to discredit our service.

    We have raised this issue with TrustPilot, providing evidence that the "customers" in question did not exist in our system and used order numbers that did not match any current or historical orders. We have also identified instances of such false reviews where alleged customers have raised orders with us and never sent their order to us for recycling, but still posted negative comments on a service they have not used.

    TrustPilot have categorically refused to remove these fictitious reviews. had a paid subscription to TrustPilot to allow our genuine customers to leave feedback easily, without having to create a reviewers account on Due to the large number of fictitious reviews, we feel that the integrity of the review system has been irreconcilably compromised.

    TrustPilot are now only allowing negative reviews to remain on our page, removing any positive reviews from our valued customers. We are no longer able to access our TrustPilot dashboard.

    We believe this step has been taken as a result of us cancelling our paid subscription with

    Please feel free to search online for other companies who have been damaged as a result of this practice, and examine the reviews of Trustpilot's own service at

    Our legal team are now in the process of taking action to repair the damage caused by the exploits of this review company.

    For our open letter on this issue, please visit

    Any customers with issues or wishing to discuss their transactions with Bozowi are requested to contact us direct on 08456 890 815

    Thank you.
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