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Scammers ! Warning Everybody Avoid them

They stole my phone, I sent it to those thieves who dropped the price for less than 40% of the price agreed, then asked me to pay £10 to get it back, although i agreed they then suddenly sent me the dropped price monies and said that they already sold it and can't get it back, and they said i either take the money they offer now or get nothing
they dropped the price agreed and forced me to sell it, ridiculous and cheap
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    Reply from Bozowi

    Hello Bodi

    This is clearly a fake review!!! the order number you have supplied is 22064 is not in your name and, the record for that order shows. We did not receive any handset therefore we did not offer any price.

    Review is now being reported to Trustpilot to investigate.

    Our competitors are unable to compete with us on a level playing field and resort to these under handed tactics to discredit us.

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