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Without doubt, the WORST customer service I have ever experianced.

This is the company that actually may havemade me midly xenophobic against indian call workers! After calling up about a problem with one of my bills, i ended up talking to an indian who was telling me lies and not listening to my problem. Even after telling him 10 times, he kept on reading from a script or repeating the same thing. In the end i was passed to another person.

This person was either taking the mic with me, or had the strongest accent ive eveer heard. I didnt understand a word he was saying (sounded like facejacker). I lived in thailand for 2 years, im used to strong accents, which makes me think he was just fooling me. After 4 minutes of saying "pardon? i dont understand you" i hung up, and recalled to speak to someone else.

The person who answerd was again indian, in an indian call centre. He was clearly watching TV, and every 5 seconds there was either canned laughter blurting down the phone (or maybe genuine laughter from the office workers watching a tbv program??.) the guy was not interested or following anything i was saying, so i assume he was watching TV (it was very very loud, so must have been on his desk or bery close).

I hung up after 10 minutes (after waiting 30 mins to be put through in the first place.

I then called customer complaints to complain about the lack of english, understanding, the TV, etc etc.

Guess where the complaints line goes too?


the person i spoke to sounded exactly like one of the people i was speaking to earlier. After 5 minutes of strong accent i gave up.

I have asian friends, from all over the continent, so im not complaining becuase of racial issus, i couldnt care who anwers my call as long as its done professionally. But to have people who cant be understood, people watching tv instead of listening to you, monkeys with scripts rather then intelligent autonomous people is just a joke.

but the icing really is your complaints... complaints should be english people... complaints should not be some poor muppet in india with a script that can barely speak the language, it should be a well versed UK person who understands the situation and can deal with each case on an indivual basis.

BT is the worst support ever, period, and i was almost in a rage by the time i had finished with this waste of around 5 hours of phone calls. If what i experianced is normal for the company there really should be an inquest! not being able to speak to someone who i can understand, who speaks my own language to deal with my problems for a telecoms monopoly would be ILLEGAL no doubt. Can't wait until this company changes or bites the dust as it slowly looses its monopoly grip on our telecoms.

Shame on you BT!!!!!
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