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If I have to speak to customer services again....

Not even kidding...EVERY time I speak to BT Customer services I come off the phone in a rage. I have hung up on 3 occasions and felt myself be very rude on several others.

Similar issues to Elliot, I am SICK of getting through to India! I work with computers and have so many issues with work and home broadband that I know the trouble shooting drill that is dished out. So whenever I have a problem I make sure I do all my checks first. EVERY time, guaranteed, I will be on the phone to the call centre idiot for at least 40 MINUTES before they start to even remotely get to anything close to helping me. I explain I have been through all the basics and they insist on reading them out. I explain that I know there is a problem past the obvious and still they repeat what's on their screen. This really aggravates me and in my mind is not only not listening to the customer, but is also treating me like an idiot...which I'm not.

Recently I called 5 times about my phone line (unable to make outgoing calls). Each time the person unable to help. Here are some of the helpful ways that the helpful customer service team of helpful BT came up with...(Each time with a considerable wait to get through)

Me: Hi, I'm having a problem with making outgoing calls. I've tested the line and there is no fault, not sure what's wrong.
BT: Thank you, can I take your address
Me: (Give address)...
BT: I'm sorry, this is not the address we have for you.
Me: Well you managed to install my phone, TV and broadband at this address ok last week so you must have my address.
BT: I am unable to continue the conversation with you until you give me the correct address
Me: I have given you the correct address...what do we do if you have the wrong address? I cant give you an address I dont know.
BT: I am unable to continue the conversation with you until you give me the correct address
Me:......*hang up*

Me: Hi, I'm having a problem with making outgoing calls. I've tested the line and there is no fault, not sure what's wrong.
BT: Thank you, I'm just going to test the line for you...
Me: But I just told you I tested....
BT: *I'm on hold for 12 minutes*
BT: Your line is fine you have no fault
Me: *really?? didn't I just say that!?* Thank you for that. So why do you think that I might be unable to make outgoing calls?
BT: You probably haven't made payments on your account and you have been blocked!
Me: That's quite an assumption. Why do you say that?
BT: That's probably what it is as there is no fault.
Me: I'm actually £17 in credit, so unlikely
BT: *Silence*
Me: ......*hang up*

Me: Please can you tell me how much to cancel my contract early?
BT: £77 for all contracts
Me: It was £77 in April when I asked you (three months ago) come it hasn't gone down since then?
BT: Our charges have gone up since April
Me: Well no one contacted me to tell me of a change in T&C's
BT: Well, we did send out flyers and emails....
Me: I must have missed that random mail shot. Thank you. Nothing quite like a personal, individualised service for your customers!

I then wanted to complain, so I went through their ridiculous long and boring website trail to finally get to someone (no BT your FAQ's didn't answer my question!) and I got through to an online chat...
Immediately I could tell it was someone of indian origin by the language being used and I got cross. A while into the chat...again frustrated at having script given to me...

Me: Please can I speak to someone who understands English clearly.
BT (Guarav): I understand English
Me: I would like to speak to someone who who clearly speaks and understands English.
BT: I am in England
Me: That's not what I have asked for
BT: I am English
Me: Again not what I have asked for.

He couldn't help me...surprise.

This isn't about race, colour or creed, this is about life, about lack of quality relaxation time and time at home as we all work our fingers to the bone to be able to afford to live and the last thing I want to do is have 40-60 minute conversations with people reading a script, who don't understand me and I don't understand them (making me feel racist for saying 'pardon', 'please repeat yourself', or 'I dont understand you, I'm sorry'), to make me so cross I hang up and to make me feel like its wrong of me to ask for someone who is English speaking, who will get to the heart of the problem straight away based on the information I give them in a matter of minutes. Good, quick and quality customer service is not a lot to ask for.

While we're all making cuts and having to provide a better service on less time and money, so we don't lose our jobs, BT get rich quick by paying for cheap and poor quality customer service.

I cant wait to cancel my contract.
Without having to pay them! Roll on January 2013!
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