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BT are absolutely appalling

I have never experienced anything like it, BT demonstrate absolute incompetence. DO NOT go with BT. They take your money almost immediately and provide you with nothing. I do not normally write reviews but i felt my experience need to be shared.
order placed on the 4th sept
Information known at the beginning is that the existing phone line is open but not disconnected, bt told me this meant i would not need an engineer and they would take care of the rest
I paid for 12month contract up front
A couple of days later they rang me ask if they could change my phone number as the order couldn't progress without that, i said yes
A couple of days after that they say that because i had asked not to keep my current number that the order had failed????!!!
when I ring them up to find out what is going on they tell me the order has failed because I don't know who the service provider is - information that they knew at the beginning
after more back and forths, being told different information 6 or 7 times they finally tell me that i have to cancel that order and place a knew one that requires an engineer.
They tell me the engineer will be free of charge, my order will not change and even they will throw in a few free month of line rental for free. The will send a confirmation email
now the email that i received detailed an order that i DID NOT consent to They charged me for the engineer, and charged me £17.75 pm for line rental that i had already paid for (at £10.75pm) and extended my contract to 18 months!!!! I have a 12 month lease???
When i rang up to ask what happened to my order, they claimed that this was my new order and that i had to cough up the cash. I have cancelled the order and I will never return to BT. What sort of company are you BT? I am disgusted and appalled.
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