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this time they get 3 stars ... I tell you why.

I've recently had an issue with my phone line as well as broadband. The problem was a static noise on the phone and broadband slow speeds and disconnections.
It took BT a week to resolve it. Anyway, to keep it short:
1. BAD Experience:
- calling BT - to get through all IVR messages is a real pain in the bum.
- technical support - utterly useless, they don't listen to you, they just follow the script, they have completelly no idea how broadband works!
I had to phone them few times and every time explain what is the problem. Despite of the fact there cleary was an issue (finally appeard to be a rusty and loose cable in the box at the pole in front of my house) they insisted everything is OK and they see no fault and according to them, my broadband speed is OK cos its still within the acceptable limit and as per "up to" policy all is alright ( I was getting half of the usual speed I get)
- they never EVER call back, even if they promise.
- Engineer's visit: Late two hours, didn't even bother to let me know he will be late. He has spend two hours working on my problem by sitting in a car and waiting or calling somewhere for the most of the time. After 1.5h another BT guy arrived, this one with the lift car or whatever you call it :) as he had to climb the pole. Of course, it took them a while to take out traffic cones, tapes and all that health&safety stuff, once that was done, they fixed the cable in 5 minutes. So 5 minute job done in 2 hours. Once finished, they both were sitting in a car and chatting for another 30 minutes!

2. GOOD Experience (for the very first time ever!)
- after "fighting" with Tier1 support for two days I finally insisted to speak to Tier2 ... and here was my surprise, I was put through a guy who really knew what he's talking about, diagnosed the issue in literally two minutes and booked an engineer visit (for a next day morning!).
And here's the interesting part. I had a chat with him for about 10 minutes, he was very open, told me that ALL BT retail is now locatet in India, I told him he's a very knowledgeable guy and I (as an IT engineer myself) clearly see he knows the stuff. He said, has an IT degree and few IT certs (CCNA, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Linux+, CCNP Voice) and the only reason he works there was he wanted to move out of his parrents and he's looking for a new job now. He also told me that he gets my point cos he see that 90% of empolyees working there have no technical background as well as no basic knowledge, he said "As long as yo uspeak english, you are good for this job". Anyway, coming back to my BT issue - very, VERY helpful guy!

So overall. The only stars that BT has deserved in that case are for their Tier2 guy.
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