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British Telecom - The worst customer service EVER!

1 Week ago BT were supposed to be installing a telephone line at our Brand New property for our communications provider. They never showed up.

It then took 6 days for them to inform our provider why they didn't show up. They have appeared to have LIED to our provider explaining why stating that "appropriate wiring was not in place to make the connection". It's interesting that they say this as
1. They never showed up (so how would they know?!)
2. David Wilson showed us that all the wiring is in place

Our sales team at David Wilson seem to indicate this happens a lot...

We have tried to contact BT through various means and our own provider who just dispair with BT to be quite honest....

BT should not have this monopoly over line installations when the engineer who is around our area are obviously incompetent, lazy or both....
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