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Whenever BT are involved, think Disaster, Poor Service and Dodgy Integrity

BT persuaded me to move my broadband supply over to them from Orange. Said it would be really easy and top notch service. “Yes you pay a little more to be with BT but you will get first class service” How wrong he was.

I signed up for a fibre optic package. They emailed me a contract for the top standard broadband tariff? Not what I signed up for. I contacted them after spending up to 30 min in a queue, trying to talk to them is crazy, they can’t understand a word I say, and their English skills are very poor. I then gave up after several attempts and tried the cancellation option. This time if by magic went through to an English call centre. I explained my issue with the incorrect tariff. I was told there is nothing they can do, I have to enter a legally binding 18 contract that is incorrect before they can change to fibre optics after I have normal broadband connected. I asked them to put this in writing that I can change the package after connection. They said “no they can’t”. I was to just take their word for it. No chance, I am not prepared to enter a contract that is not the contract I have not ordered, as I would imagine they will claim my fault for signing before checking contract was correct. So I cancelled and went back to Orange. Never again BT.

Anyway, all going well so far the fibre optic upgrade with Orange. Until the day came when orange orders a BT engineer to come to my property to install the fibre optics. Guess what….BT did not turn up on the arranged day. No phone call no nothing. Again BT is to blame for yet another problem.

Goes to show - all goes well until BT get involved. Then it is just pure disaster, poor service and dodgy integrity.

UPDATE – 27th Feb 2013
Ok, BT said they did not turn up for the connection due to a technical problem on their computer??? But still no form of communication from BT to let anyone know on the day! And they say they are a communications company !! They now say it will take another week to fix the computer bug, and then another two weeks to get another booking. Ridiculous poor shabby service from a company too big for it’s boots.

Was promised BT would resolve bt today. Guess what? No, Nothing again. Even Orange are fed up as they cannot get through to them or get a reply, Something should be done to pull this company down. Come on OFCOM.

UPDATE - THREE 4th March
Still BT have not fixed the issue and no sign of still getting anything booked in. Now you just won't beleive what has now happeded. Had an email from BT saiting my new BY line and broadband is going LIVE from tomorrow and my new BT router is being delivered tomorrow, !!!!! on a cancelled order ????? Orange can't beleive what they are seeing as I forwarded them the email. Called BT and they confirmed the order was cancelled two weeks ago but they failed to let the connection team know. WHAT A MESS BT..SORT IT OUT!! be continued................

5th March.. Orange BB disconnected on the morning without mine or Oranges permission and went live with BT Broadband. The BT BB has been set up at my home without a contract or permission. Probably why they have been stalling with Orange so they can connect me up fraudulently. Called BT in the morning again, was told the same, yes it is cancelled and no we wont connect you. Again a lie. I now have no internet access now at all as I am not going to link up to the BT one. Also checked with bank and they have set DD's up. I have kept logs of all calls and email so far, so have been advised by Orange to contact Ofcom, and I urge all others with issues to do the same. It now looks like it will be much longer now to get Orange Fibre set up as I now have to wait for BT to hand the BB back to Orange. Orange are handling this well, and are really concerned with the integrity of BT.

7th March. BT had promised to have the issue sorted today without fail. Guess, what? NO still not corrected, and Orange are still very puzzled. Serval calls later to BT being told what I want to hear but what gets promised, does not happen. BT are totally useless and really do not care.

8th March Called BT as they asked Orange for me to do so to get a MAC code for a wrongly set up account!. Called BT and they said account is not live so a MAC code would not exist. Gave me a ref code for the cancelled account. Also told me to ignore any bills as they have been closed down now. BT are saying one thing or Orange and the opposite to me. Orange now stuck and are again waiting for BT to get things sorted out. Still no internet. And no apology from BT for high jacking my Tag line unauthorised either.

Goes to show - all goes well until BT get involved. Then it is just pure disaster, poor service and dodgy integrity, A communications company that don’t communicate.

OMG and the check, to add insult to injury they have the balls to send me a Bill. They should be paying me ! (Complaint now in process)
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