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BT, a complete joke, but not a funny one.

We recently moved home, just 100 yards along the road. I notified BT in March online to transfer the phone line, BT Internet and BT vision on 8th April and I had various confirmations that this would be done. The phone line was transferred as requested but guess what, no internet or BT vision.

Between then and now I have made numerous calls and spent hours of wasted time on the phone to various BT know-nothings who have frankly lied about the reason for the problem and connection date. Excuses have been “your order got stuck in the system” and “there is a complicated technical problem at your exchange”. That’ll be the same exchange that I was on before the move and the one that I am connected through just now thanks to my helpful neighbour’s BT wifi. Thanks, Tom.

I have been given numerous dates for connection all have come and gone without a flicker of the little blue broadband light on my router. I have spent hours on the phone going through BTs automated system always to end up speaking to someone reading from a script card telling them how to deal with a frustrated customer (soon to be ex customer). Always the line “Yes, I can definitely help you with that problem today sir.” and then not actually doing anything. We have also lost the various tv series that we were watching. I have also been insulted by one person in a far flung call centre who insisted that I provided my full password rather than the normal random two characters to ensure that I gave the correct details.

I have never been called back to apologise or deal with the issue. Although BT have been keen to try to contact me regarding my cancelled direct debit and to tell me they will charge me a processing fee for not paying by direct debit. I’m not quite sure what I am supposed to be paying for as I prepaid my line rental and I’m not getting any other services.

Last connection date given as 19th April. Still no broadband on 21st April. The recorded message now says that it will be connected on 1st May. I am only persisting with BT because I use the BT Broadband Phone number as my business number and all my recently printed business cards etc. will need to be redone and contacts advised of the new number.

If you are thinking of BT. Don’t bother. Customer service is non-existent. They also clearly have no system to complain other than by letter. Although you can praise a member of BT staff on line. That gives me an idea, I’ll see what happens if I give negative praise. ;-)
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