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Truly appalling customer service

The following is an e mail i have sent to Warren Buckley Ceo at BT having BT sent me a letter saying they were terminating my Sky Sports service from 12/06/2013 as they were no longer supplying it via other than through BT Ifinity and my local exchange hasnt been upgraded to handle Infinity nor has any date been set for it to be upgraded

Dear Mr Buckley
Just letting you know that I will take up the offer of free broadband for 6 months not out of loyalty to a company that doesn't show any to its customers,but because it is cheaper.
If in the future I am offered a service that is cheaper I will move like a shot
That you as a company could not be bothered to give your customers little more than 2 weeks notice before terminating the Sky Sports service speaks volumes about how you value existing customers
To be told several times by Ms Saunders that other customers were sent out several mail shots doesn't placate me at all! I DID NOT receive any communication from you and the whole affair has been badly managed.On Sunday Ms Saunders told me during a telephone conversation that if I moved all my services to Sky I would be held to contract for my phone line and broadband service,today she says she would make me an offer to cancel the contract.That is not really an offer is it. I am still wondering why there was a 360 degree turnaround over that matter!
I have been a customer of BT since 1976 until the black boxes were rolled out in September last year I was a satisfied customer.Since then with the constant faults on that service I have realised that the reputation that BT had has sadly gone! Problem after problem with BT Vision including the one I have at present that I am not bothered about having sorted out because I cannot be bothered anymore talking to your customer services. I am fed up of trying to explain to people in India who may be able to speak English but have problems comprehending what is being said to them. The sooner you move your customer service centres back to the UK the better It seems to me to be a very cynical company that has its sales teams based here but it's customer service based in India
I feel extremely let down by your company I fell for the advertising about BT Vision and its link with Sky Sports just like many people now are signing up for BT Sport only to be told with so little notice that instead of enjoying the Ashes cricket and the tour of the British Lions I have to scrabble around to get another TV service as BT haven't bothered to upgrade my telephone exchange.I might well have put up with the poor service offered by BT Vision but the termination of Sky Sports and how it has been handled by you makes me think that I may well cease to be a customer of your company altogether in the years to come.
Loyalty is a two way thing and once one side breaks it, it is hard for the other side to want to show the same loyalty ever again.
To sign e mails as Ms Saunders does with BT we really care is a joke
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