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Like many people I had been a customer of BT, since the days of well lets say, I remember it being part of the post office. To be honest there was a part of me that was being loyal to the company and did not need to see hand over my life line to an unknown.
I think my frustration with BT, began when they decided to move their call centres out of the UK. The CSR intelligence and the general customer service got increasingly worse. The final nail in the coffin was when I moved house. I gave BT the date that the contracts would be exchanged and arranged for an engineer to visit 2 days after the exchange. I explained that the socket was damaged and was assured that the engineer would sort this and I would have to be in the house etc.
I was surprised when a week before the house was offically mine the engineer had switched the line on. I contacted BT to complain and to explain that until had the contacts exchanged the house was not mine and the engineer had no right to activate the line before the date. Also, that the socket had not been fixed as promised and that someone needed to come and sort it. I explained I am house bound and the telephone line is very important, I was told they would send an engineer out and it would cost me £99 + VAT. I explained to them that they had already charged me once when the home move was arranged and as the engineer had not carried out the agreed work they should waive any further fees until they had done the job. The CSR told me that the charge was automatic, but once I got the bill if I phoned up they would remove it. The second time the engineer did not come to the house, so I had to phone again. Yes, you guessed it another £99+VAT.
Well my bill came and I phoned them to get the additional charges removed. Five calls later and lord knows how many different people they were removed. The thing was that caused a ricochet as I paid my monthly budget plan. This meant every month the computer wanted to increase my installment to £100, as it could not recognised the difference between calls and one off charges, or credits. This meant I was main regular calls to correct this via customer services. In the mean time, my accounts credit was growing. Having explained the problem countless times and trying to get a solution by lowering my monthly payment manually, I got one fool that refunded all the payments I had made that quarter. (You guessed it) The computer took it that I had cancelled my monthly payments and wanted a massively increased monthly payment.
Finally when I received a letter advising me that they were putting up the prices I found that I could cancel my contract with them and believe me I did. Although that was far from simple.
This company is a shambles, they should me ashamed that they are making obscene profits at the expense of customers, who are paying for an expected level of service. Lets face it, no company pays its staff for not working, and I certainly dont go into a cafe and pay for not having a coffee. But BT seemed to think it is acceptable for them to charge me for their incompetance and not providing a service.

Thank goodness for Sky.
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