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Worse than useless

I have been a BT customer for years and despite constant technical problems and throttled broadband I thought that a slight upswing might be in sight with them launching the new sport channels. I'd been paying for ESPN with them for ages and hardly got to watch it but new Premier League games...that's good I thought.
Except no. I have called them four times and on the third call a machine informed me that I had the wrong BT box. I would need to pay £49 for the new one. So, not free then.

But you can watch it free online with their app. I have tried to install the app and you have to jump through countless hoops just to get to do that. Only I couldn't. Their system had collapsed.

On my fourth and final call I just wanted to complain - only to be told that I couldn't. I couldn't speak to a Manager or a Supervisor. They put me on hold to find a physical address that I could write to. The customer care rep on the phone simply lost interest once I told him that he wasn't getting any closer to being right by repeating something wrong over and over again.

I am now utterly livid and no closer to my 'free' BT sports.

Misleading advertising
Insufficient technical prowess
Useless customer service
New customers preferred. Old customers with old kit can just shut up.

All in all - as soon as I am finished switching jobs. I am switching to Sky.
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