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Unbelievably poor customer service and the Ombudsmen eating out of their hands.

Following a complaint I wrote 3 recorded delivery letters, sent 3 emails and made two phone calls. Only one letter was replied to and that was to acknowledge receipt of the complaint. The complaint was never resolved or even responded to within their own service time limits.

I complained to the Ombudsmen. They also failed to respond within their own time limits and I had to chase them several times. After 10 months they told me they were unable to deal with complaints about the illegal nature of contracts.

I complained about this but they said it was not possible to complain about their decision. The Ombudsmen receives their funding directly from companies like BT - a lot of money from BT. The senior people managing the Ombudsmen get good money for doing so. The scheme is voluntary. Imagine what would happen if the Ombudsmen upset BT too much. Maybe BT would pull out of the scheme. Maybe that would leave people earning good salaries for fobbing people off out of work.
Just maybe. So ask yourself - why is it a voluntary self funded scheme? Why is not a real legal body with qualified personnel able to make and enforce decisions.
Because in essence it is an extra barrier to silence the masses and facilitate exhausting people into acquiescence.

After the Ombudsmen the only step you can take then is court (and we all know what's happened to court disputes and the secretive closed doors of mediation where nobody finds out when someone might win an important dispute over legality).

The only person you can complain to about the Ombudsmen is your MP - do it but don't expect a reply - we know whose pockets they are in!

Corporate fascism has risen to new heights in this country. It is a shameful nation of carpet baggers and thieves that deteriorates daily.
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