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Moved to BT from Virgin, wish I'd never bothered

Since moving to BT last month, we have had endless problems.

1. It took us nearly two weeks to get set up with BT broadband with problems with the line (I can understand there are teething problems), but when I rang to explain we were paying money with no service, I was faced with very rude staff.

2. My partner wanted BT sport so I called up (being the account holder) and discussed with them how we could do that. We were told the only way to do this was to get BT vision, costing £5 per month which a £50 activation fee AND a £10 viewing card. We have since learnt that I didn't need to take out the TV to get BT Sport, as we could watch it for free on the app and laptop (as we are BT broadband customers). As this information was not disclosed to us, citizens advice verify we were mis-sold it.

3. I rung 3 days after taking out the TV to cancel it, having been mis-sold it, I was again faced with VERY rude staff who blamed me for taking the wrong product, and was told we would have to pay the cancellation charges (amounting £200), for their mistake and my naivety.

4. I rung them up to finally cancel 4 days after taking out BT Vision as I want no part of it, I've now been on the phone for 61 minutes, I have been put through to 7 different people, none of whom can help me, apparently.

Do not go with BT...I thought Virgin Media were bad, they seem angelic in comparison.
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