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Zero stars - thieves & incompetent

BT should be sued for breach of contract, stealing money and for all the money & time spent on phone with their incompentent customer service advisors who can bearly speak English and don't know anything about anything!
I upgraded to BT infinity (an infinity of b******t!) in May for £37.20 a month, since then my bills (which I've never seen as my online account doesn't work & I don't receive a paper copy) have been £50 and more.
I called BT a number of times and was put through people in India then back to someone in UK, then again to India.... After over an hour over the phone and no one able to help I just gave up... I e-mailed 3/4 times but never received a reply.
Called again twice and was told the original bill at £37 was correct an would have been charged this amount going forward. The following bill? £61...
I stopped paying and of course they cut my phone & broadband. I paid the £37 as per original contract but they still didn't reconnect my line. I paid the balance today and I'm still to be reconnected.
It's ironic how a communication company is so incompentent in exactly what they preach and should excel to.
I'm stuck with this f*****s only because I'm renting and cannot go with a different Internet provider.
Can't wait to buy and get rid of the jokers.
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