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My son recommended BT after entering into a contract for broadband/BT Vision with them. We promptly phoned them as it appeared we could save a lot of money switching from Sky.
My son soon realised how awful they were. 2 months later, he still cannot use the facilities he has been paying them for ,due to errors by BT and has spent a fortune on mobile phone calls(which he can ill afford) to them to attempt to rectify the problem, to which he has got absolutely nowhere.
When I contacted them, all seemed well at first. A very helpful lady spent over an hour going through the options and costs and booked in the engineer etc etc.
When the engineer didn't turn up on the due date, I spoke to a man in India who seemed to have great difficulty in understanding my reference number. After many attempts to give him the number, he told me there was no record of my order. I was a little frustrated to say the least, so I told him that there would therefore be no point in my cancelling a non-existent order and immediately phoned Sky to resurrect my service with them. They were so slick that all was confirmed to me within minutes of my call and I finally felt I was in safe hands again!!
I complained via e-mail to BT and had a quick response, saying they would get back to me within 14 days. I'm still waiting four weeks later for the reply.....
Meanwhile, yesterday, after my son had spent an hour and a half using my phone re his complaint, he handed the phone to me to speak to someone .
I spoke to a delightful man based in the Phillipines. He listened to my complaint and said he was sorry, from the bottom of his heart and ended by saying, obviously from his script "You take care and have a great day ahead ma'm". This poor man was merely doing his job, probably paid peanuts, and I wasn't too harsh with him as felt he must get so much flack every single day, but just WHO are we all meant to speak to , to ensure this vast corporation get the message to the top management at BT to sort out their shambolic company??
Today, yet again, there are big advertisements both on television and in newspapers for their wonderful new Sports package etc. I am sure we should all contact Trading Standards, newspapers etc to voice our complaints. We certainly don't get anywhere going through the correct BTcomplaints procedure, that's for sure!!!
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