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When is a contract not a contract? When it is a BT contract! I HATE BT!

Here is a follow-up to my earlier posting:

My BT contract for phone and broadband ends on 7th October 2013. So far so good - I have instructed PlusNet to take over at the end of this contract period. So, I call BT just to make certain that PlusNet can take over and, as our contract is finished, there will be no penalty charges. They confirm the contract end date as 7th October 2013 and that a MAC code has been issued. Great, me thinks - there should be no penalties...

...WRONG!!! You see, whilst the contract 'ends' on the 7th October 2013, it doesn't really 'end'. No, you see a BT contract only 'ends' when it is in their favour for it to end (i.e. they want to put the prices up). From the customer's perspective, the contract just 'rolls on' - even though I have not instructed for this to happen and do not want it to. The fact that I have paperwork telling me my contract ends on a certain date is irrelevant! The outcome of all this is that BT will collect payment for a '30 day cancellation period' because I have not informed them that that I want our contract to end - event though it is supposed to be ending!

Lost? me too!

Okay I say, let's just assume this disgraceful practice is legal and acceptable (dubious). What would have happened if I had given notice 30 days before the contract was due to end (i.e. 7th Septmber 2013) and asked for my MAC code to move to my new provider? Surely then I would not have been liable for any charges right?


You see, although I would have followed the terms of my contract as best I could, I would need to wait for 5 days for the MAC code to be issued (apparently it takes a computer 5 days to email a code in BT land!). Until my new provider has the MAC code, BT do not consider that notice to end the contract has been given - even though a verbal notice has been given on the phone. The resulty is that, once again, BT take penalty cash.

Now I am no lawyer, but I am fairly intelligent and capable of following logic and reason (I have a PhD), and it would seem to me that all of this is questionable in the extreme. However, there is little point arguing the logic or rights of it all with our friends at the BT call centre - they simply go silent and say 'I'm really sorry, but I can't help'.

Urrrgh - yes it is going to cost me a bit to get away from BT, but my goodness I'm looking forward to a life without them in it!!!

My advice - DO NOT GO NEAR THEM!
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