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Excellent product but a nightmare to deal with!

Well it all went wrong from the start...............

I chose all of the options I wanted, which phone package etc (like "Line Rental Saver" and "Unlimited anytime calls". BUT neither of these came through to my actual phone setup. SO, I had to "order" them again in their system. Phone line got transferred first and with no problems or loss of service.

When it was time for the Fibre Optic broadband, I got a call from BT Outreach and agreed an appointment. When I got the confirmation e-mail, it was 7 DAYS LATER than agreed. So I phoned up and complained and my original appointment was reinstated. For some reason BT post the new router to you instead of letting the engineer bring it. Goodness only knows why. Because of the dates mess-up I noticed that my equipment was due to be delivered 7 days AFTER the engineer would call. So another long and painful phone call to get the router. BT system does not automatically ensure you get the equipment before your engineer calls!!

The good bit was the engineer did turn up on the day, was here at 8.30 and I was all up and running by 9.30. Be aware that the so called "engineers" are subcontractors and are in a rush (as they are paid by numbers), and my guy did not seem to have much knowledge of either the product or other computer matters. He just knew what wires to connect!

Now I wish it ended there, but alas not. My first phone bill was fine, but the second had reverted me to BT's standard plan, so I was charged again for my daytime calls. I tried to use their "Chat" which was tortuous and obviously in India. They repeatedly gave me answers to questions I was not asking. In the end another long call was made and my "Anytime" plan was restored.

I then had to make a further call to get a refund. Another long wait, but they did eventually agree with me - though it took some persuasion - that they had messed it up, not me. I now have my refund confirmed in an e-mail.

It's OK for me as I am retired and have the time, but it has taken me endless calls to sort out what in essence is their daily work, so they should be much better at it.
The moral of the story is that the product is good - getting 38Mbs instead of Virgin's 3.5Mbs if I was lucky! But be prepared to spend some time to get what you want.

One final thing. I was attracted by the offer of a Sainsbury's voucher. Well I find you must "apply" for this on the website. It says it will take up to 45 days! My 45 are up in 2 days time and no sign or any confirmation. My next battle I guess!
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