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This is the first time I've used budgetair.co.uk and I'm appalled to find that both bookings that I made separately had order confirmation failures.

Once I made payment for the orders i received the following message (and more):

'During the booking process it appears that in the time between processing payment and confirming the order, the product in the shopping cart was unfortunately no longer available. We have received your payment, but have not been able to complete your booking.....'

Surprisingly they have no problem taking your money but they do fail to confirm whether the flights were booked, and now I must call them at on 0843 number at 10p/min to find out if they're going to be able to confirm my flight or not.

Both bookings were made quite quickly without any pauses or breaks (literally took about 2mins to fill out the online forms so there's no chance of the order timing out.

I sincerely hope they sort out both bookings and confirm everything otherwise this will be raised to watchdog.
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