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watch out!

they said they would send you the e ticket when they receive the payment. this is not true at all!!!!

I received my invoice which I considered as a proof that they received my money. But!! nothing happened then! I have not got any response after 12 hours since the invoice email. And I don't know whether they will refund me or not. Such a bad experience..
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    Reply from BudgetAir.co.uk

    Dear Ms. Xu

    We apologize for the delay in forwarding your e-ticket.

    The statement that we will issue a customer’s ticket once we have received payment is accurate.

    Usually tickets will be issued and forwarded within a few hours after payment was made.

    However, on occasion the ticketing process can take longer due to factors that are beyond our direct control.

    We have forwarded your e-ticket and assure you that everything has been sorted.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards

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