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Stay away

Purchased a ticket on budgetair.ru and passengers got late for a return flight, because of an airline. The woman on the phone (Maria in Moscow) did everything she could not to help us out:
1. First time I called her she said that the tour agency didn't have the technical capability to rebook a ticket. She sent me to the airline. I've spent a few hours talking on the phone to the airlines only to find out that only the tour agency has the ability to make a rebooking.
2. When I called her the second time she said that we failed to notify the airline in 72 hours in advance and therefore the ticket has been cancelled.
3. I went ahead and looked up ticket terms on their website for this flight. It said that both tickets were refundable and excangeable for a fee. Even after telling her that I found the conditions for the same flight on the website whe told me that the terms I found are irrelevant and I need to find the terms for the exact same date the flight was on (which was impossible, the website does everything to hide the terms).
4. Only after telling her that I "supposedly" found the terms for that exact flight saved in a flight she told me that she will be able to change the booking.

Because of their laziness I've almost had to purchase new return tickets (over 1500 USD). Even then after spending at least 8 hours talking to the agency and the airlines they charged me an extra fee of around 150 USD for making the rebooking.

Stay away from this crooked website.
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    Reply from BudgetAir.co.uk

    Dear Ilya

    We are sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with your return flight, and your general disappointment with your service experience with Budgetair.ru.

    While you have a legitimate complaint, and every right to voice your dissatisfaction, we kindly ask you to select the appropriate forum to do so. In your case this would be Tripadvisor.ru.

    We have been in touch with our Russian subsidiary and they will address your complaint shortly.

    Thank you for your understanding

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