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Rip-off merchants, dodgy Amsterdam call centre - avoid them and book direct

Budgetair appear to trade under various different guises. Booked return flights London to Koh Samui, via Bangkok on British Airways and connecting with Bangkok Airways.

Immediately after payment, realised there was a one-character mistake in my surname. Despite their booking process clearly not being automated (our e-ticket arrived the next day) and advising them straight away, they claimed it would cost about £250-£300 to correct. I contacted British Airways directly and asked what they could do, and they said they would always make changes like this for nothing, but it was an agency booking so BudgetAir had to instigate the change by calling their helpline. I explained this to BudgetAir but still they said it would cost £300 fee. Pretty steep, considering the entire return flight was only about £700!

Eventually I gave up with their call centre in Amsterdam, despite escalating my issue to a 'manager'. To be honest, they had some difficulty completely understanding English. I said I'd rebook the flights again directly with British Airways and just take them to court (citing unfair fees) to get my money back off them.

I left it at that, and a few days later (after various token reductions in their fee demand) miraculously they decided that they could make the change after all at no charge, albeit meaning both people travelling would be on separate bookings (which was fine).

So it all turned out OK in the end, but I had to be pretty tough with them to make them play ball, and I expect most people would just allow themselves to be stitched up with unfair and completely unjustified fees. I would have been happy to pay a reasonable fee for the change - it was my mistake after all.

Also, not entirely Budgetair's fault, also they failed to mention that our bags would not be checked ('interlined') all the way through to Koh Samui, meaning we'd have to collect them at Bangkok and check them back in.

Despite them sorting everything out, the fact that I had to basically bully/threaten them into it means I can't possibly award anything more than 1 star.

EDIT - I felt a bit harsh for originally awarding them one star and revised it up to two, but since they've left a pretty useless 'response' trying to justify their behaviour I'm putting it back to one again.
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    Reply from BudgetAir.co.uk

    Dear Mr. Meesam,

    Thank you for your post on TrustPilot.

    We have read your issue and would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    When you contacted the airline, they informed you that they could have made the change for you free of charge if the original booking was made directly with them and that is correct. Some airlines allow name corrections from 1-3 letters free of charge. When a customer make a booking however, through a travel agency, that travel agency is responsible for all amendments according to airline penalty, up until the first outbound flight is flown.

    If we disregard the airline rules and make any change on an itinerary a few things could happen:

    1. Airline may cancel itinerary
    2. Ticket would automatically be invalid
    3. If 1 or 2 did not happen, the travel agency would be required to pay a fee, which may equal to or more than that of the ticket purchased.

    It is really an unfortunate situation for that we are truly sorry, but we as a travel agency have to abide by the airline rules.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

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