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Price guarantee not honoured after satisfying all conditions! --UPDATED

I don't generally write reviews but my experience was so shocking I feel compelled to warn you. I purchased a pair of tickets under their price guarantee (http://www.budgetair.co.uk/lowest-price-guarantee) which promises to refund the difference if tickets are found cheaper within 24 hours. I thought this was a pretty safe as conditions are clearly stated so when within 24 hours of booking I did find cheaper tickets, (by over £20). I promptly took all necessary steps and sent all the requested information in an email to them.

1 reminder email and 2 weeks later I got short written reply with the following response which I shall print verbatim:

"Budgetair.co.uk does not guarantee flight prices nor are we able to lower prices to beat competitors. The flight you have booked and used is unfortunately, unable to be refunded for any amount.

We do apologise for the inconvenience. "

This was to say the least quite shocking and a clear breach of trading standards whom I shall be contacting. So remember that if my experience is anything to go by, issues will take weeks to get a response and it is likely that you will not get a helpful one. It seems that through desperation to secure bookings and penny pinch they are happy to place false advertising and even lie.

Further more during the booking process I was shown a different airport than the one I had searched which was not clearly highlighted and would have been very easy to miss. The price you see in the results is also not the final price. That is only shown when entering your payment details so there are hidden charges and fees. (I thought this practise was banned in the EU?). The true prices end up being quite a bit more than booking directly or with other sites but you have to enter a load of personal information and click through several screens before it is presented. I would never use this company again, they are deceiving with their prices and also blatantly dishonest about honouring their policies. You have been warned.

I plan to update the review as my case develops with TS and if I get any further response from BudgetAir.

UPDATE (22nd Jan)--
Since posting this review I have had a quick response from a supervisor at Travix, their parent company with an immediate offer of refund £20 for my troubles acknowledging the mistake on their part. Of course while I am grateful for this apology and gesture, I still feel that there is a clear problem with their customer services which I felt failed to take adequate care when dealing with my clearly written claim letter for something that was clearly advertised. This type of ridiculous mistake should never have happened.

I will update my rating by one star to reflect that I don't feel there was malicious intent here and someone from the company has at least attempted to respond to my complaint with a symbolic gesture. Also I note that I was offered less not more than the amount on my original claim which I was entitled to but as I do not enjoy thinking or dealing with this type of situation I shall simply leave it there, I would have liked to have at the very least been offered what I was due and possibly a small amount extra as way of an apology for the stress caused. And that is part of the issue with these things. Companies know that if they make it hard to deal with any kind of claims then they know that most customers will give up, but it is a very short sighted view in a competitive market.

I still would not use the site again, mainly for fear that I would be extremely worried thinking that there may arise a situation that I may need to deal with unsympathetic customer services and recalling the undue stress and anguish they have caused me due to their carelessness at a time when I should have been feeling relaxed after my holiday.
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    Reply from BudgetAir.co.uk

    Dear Mr. Muguro

    We apologize for what apparently was a misunderstanding on part of the agent that responded to your email.

    The excerpt you quoted from our reply is accurate, but not of any relevance to your case since you already held a confirmed booking when you contacted us.

    While we do not match our competitors’ prices when clients call in, we do match their prices should our clients find a cheaper deal within 24 hours of making their booking with us.

    This clearly applies to your situation and we therefore have refunded GBP 20 to your debit card. Please allow 2 business days for your refund to come through.

    We are sorry for your troubles in obtaining what is rightfully yours.

    Kind regards
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