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**EDIT** OK so I called their Customer Service a day later at 8.15am (they open at 8am) and I did have to wait some time, however the guy I spoke to apologised and said he would refund my money. I just checked my balance, and yes they have refunded it.
Still a pain to have to go through but it's not theft any longer
When you book a flight you expect to receive just that, a flight. I just booked a flight through this company and was told on the very next screen that,

"During the booking process it appears that in the time between processing payment and confirming the order, the product in the shopping cart was unfortunately no longer available. We have received your payment, but have not been able to complete your booking."

So basically I have been charged for something which I am not going to receive. To my mind this is called theft. I have had over £800 stolen off of me by these people. I now have to call their customer service department, which, judging by the other reviews on here will be about as useful as a waterproof teabag, and they will - according to what is written on the failure page - try to find an alternative.

I knew that I should have just spent that little bit extra and just gone via the BA website.
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