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They offered £64 for 3GS and then said excessive wear and tear and offered £26 or the £8.95 to get it back.

I have had no response from email or enquiries I send to them. I phoned them and got what sounded like a stoned girl on the phone, absolutely useless, she said she would have a look at my phone and get back to me in 48hrs, this subsequently never happened. I have kept all information e.g. times of calls, screen shots of enquires I have sent and obviously the email.
When I typed in” CASH 4 PHONES SCAM” in to Google this was at the top, I am going to go and find out who the best people are to contact to report this nonsense for the next people that get scammed.

Any advice please post so we can rid of this joke of a company, I’m not letting this go, I have been made redundant (hence the sale of my phone) and have a lot of time on my hands.

CASH 4 PHONES, please don’t tell me that you are sorry, you obviously have a way of working as every story is the same.

1 - Offer more than the rest on comparison sites
2 - Receive phone and say "excessive wear and tear" and reduce price
3 - Never answer emails or website enquiries
4 - Pick phone up and tell the customer you will have another look at the phone and ring them back in 48hrs but never do
5 – Eventually offer the customer a little bit more but still less than the initial price
6 - Pay the customer when you feel like it or not in some cases

Have I forgot anything, yes, ask the customer if not happy to pay a premium price of £8.95 to get the unit back.
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    Reply from Cash 4 Phones

    Dear Mr Perry,

    We note your concerns but can assure we are working very hard to provide a better customer experience than that which you encountered. A number of issues occured which has prevented our planned levels of customer service being achieved.

    I see from our system that your payment is en route to you and should be with you by now. In addition, the total payment has been raised significantly even though your initial enquiry to us was outside of the cooling off period.

    Best regards

    C4P Customer Services

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