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Stay Away from these scammers!

I have sold my old mobiles to phone recycling companies before and been very happy.

Bearing in mind, my phones were so immaculate that they could have passed as new.

This companies working practices are as follows!

1) They Give you a working and non working price.
2) You send them your phone believing you will receive that price.
3) They receive the phone andl tell you that your phone is in bad condition and send you a low counter offer by email. There emails are written so that they end up in your junk filter and you don't see them. If you happen to see the email and decline the offer, you will have to pay £8.99 for each phone to be returned. If you miss it......
4) The counter offer gets accepted on your behalf.
5) You will maybe receive your money within a month of sending it if lucky.

My HTC One X, Initial quote £165. Counter offer = £130
HTC Sensation XE. Initial quote £75. Counter offer = £33

This is the only company I know of or have come across that work in this way. Please do not use them. You will be kicking yourself if you do! Absolute scammers, I have complained about them and so have many others I believe.
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