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My experience with cash4phones

Update and edited on 26.12.13

Hey Guys hope you all having a good christmas, we are all victims of Cash4phones, got some bad news, im sorry to inform you all that C4p is no longer trading however trading under YEMONIA.. Its legal for company to still operate under new company doing the same thing as mention because of loops holes in the law. company names are classed as legal people meaning the owner does not have to pay you but only the company name its trades in. This means your business is with C4P and not YEMONIA and you will not get paid or have your phone back according to loop holes in legislations

It does not make a difference if you block your phone, your phone is usually taken in the parts and sold on for its material, for instance, the metal, copper etc.

Dont bother going to small claims and waste your money because the company is not trading and has disappeared into space and they ignore court orders. The company net profit is around £44,000 not mllions. They cant afford to pay us 1000s of people and the company im assuming went into adminstration. For those that got offered a reduced amount, be greatful you got paid something because I didnt get my phone back or any money just like many 1000s of people on here ending with nothing.

Cash4phones website is im assuming offline, link dont work no more so i guessing we all have to move on and learn from this internet scam. I track down the CEO home address and he lives in Cyprus and you no what guys, he got a big mansion.

I would also like thank the authorties for doing NOTHING and not pressing charges to the CEO and I believe he should sell all his asset to pay us off, if we have nothing, so should he.

I like to thank Action Fraud for doing nothing, and a special thanks to those advertising companies who insisted they are number 1 recycling company, just thank.

Merry christmas Nearchos Chacholiades, we thank you for making this christmas special, thanks for robbing us and stealing our phones, also thanks for ignoring my FB messages after reading them. Im sure you have bought yourself new Porch with our money, share your story, I cannot reply on this site bcoz my fb is deactivated, email me, i will make you feel better :D
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