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Do Not Use!!! Eventually Received Payment!!

Well what aload of hassle that could have been avoided by searching google first. One thing!! LESSON LEARNT!!!

Same as everybody else on here, sent my phone promptly to get the best price, no payment... So I decided to pay them a little visit!!!

Went there on Friday 29th November to get my money as everybody was saying you will get paid if you go there, was greeted by a security guy, he took my details and went in another door and a guy from customer service came out he apologised for the delay for payment, they are APPARENTLY cleaning up the mess from previous owners. I jollied on my way after being promised payment by Monday evening as it was a Friday evening I went there, Well what a load of BO**OCKS!!

Up till this morning still no payment so I decided to go there again, I was greeted by the same security guy who said they have moved address, somewhere in Paddington, London. After I got a bit angry and said I had already been there the week before he took the details from me again and magically the payment was in my account after 10 minutes.

Whilst I was waiting for the payment to go through a gentleman from another building came and spoke to me, he said that on Friday (6th) there was a huge riot outside the front of the building, people putting up signs saying scam, do not trust etc, and the police had been called. So i'm guessing that this is why they have moved.

My advice just don't bother with them, now that they have apparently moved and the security guard who doesn't work for C4P but got my payment to be authorised its just a waste of your own time. Wish I stuck to my first option and sent it to Currys!!

Good Luck People!!
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